Once your logo is in place, your visual branding should build on it to complete the picture.

Branding? But I've already got a logo, what are you talking about? Sure, visual branding includes your logo, but it's more than just that.

Branding is the look and feel of everything else - your letterhead, business cards, comps slips, envelopes, sticky notes.

Your logo is the focal point, but the branding design will pull it all together and complete the picture, giving your business a much more cohesive look.

We can design your branding with or without carrying out your logo design at the same time, though we do recommend looking at both for the best results.


Only need a set of business cards at this stage, rather than the full suite of stationery? We're just as happy to design one piece as we are the full works.

We'll come up with a number of different ideas, develop the best ones before discussing with you and refining them based on your feedback.

Once completed, we'll arrange for any printing to be done, and you'll be provided with the files to use in your business straight away.

Branding starts at £65 plus printing for a bespoke design business card.